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My passion for flowers began at a very early age in my grandmothers’ gardens. I was just a toddler, but I was mesmerised by all the colours of the roses, and the fragrance that I remember even now. I still absolutely love flowers and my house just doesn’t feel right without them. I’ve very often said if I hadn’t gone into the hair and beauty industry – I would have most definitely been a florist.

Whilst I’ve enjoyed a very long career in the wedding industry as a multi-award winning hair and beauty expert, features writer, consultant and industry judge… when the weddings stopped during Covid, I began to saw explore some alternative creative options.

With over 1,000 weddings behind me, I’ve always been as excited to see the flowers arrive as the brides are, and I quite often have to have a sneaky peak at the stunning venue decorations before I leave. Inspired by the work of the some of the great florists that I’ve worked alongside through the years, I began arranging flowers for friends and family purely for fun and my own enjoyment. Fast forward to early 2022, and I arranged the flowers and tablescapes at my daughters 30th birthday party. I was amazed at the praise and encouragement from guests, friends and fellow industry suppliers so decided to pursue my new hobby even further.
So, never too late I believe and after far too many people telling for far too long I should offer event flowers… here we are! I actually secretly studied floristry online during lockdown and began to wonder if and how I could fit this into my already busy schedule. I worked out that not everything now happens at weekends so it’s quite possible! The similarity between the type of hairstyles I achieve and working with flowers is really quite comparable and I love that I’m now able to fit both into my diary. Creating wedding hair and arranging flowers is an artform - both requiring an artistic, creative approach where colour, shape, proportion and texture are crucial to beautiful designs. Hair and flowers are actually quite delicate, (and can be temperamental!) elements to work with!

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So, here we go. My little side hustle is now available for events, functions and special occasions so please contact me for a flowery conversation to see if I can help you!
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