Bridal Hair Bounceback Planning

Bridal Hair Stylists… are you anxious about our return to work? Or have you just lost your mojo?  Even though we’ve been lucky enough to have had an enormous amount of fabulous online training resources available, you may feel like it’s time to focus on any insecurities you may have about getting back to real Brides and real weddings?

I know many stylists whose confidence, identity, sense of purpose and self-worth have all taken a battering and let’s face it… working on mannequins has kept us creative but it’s not the same buzz as we get from the atmosphere of the wedding morning. As for the newly self-trained who have practically become bridal stylists during lockdown… it’s going to be a lot different working on real heads of hair of all lengths and textures with real brides and bridesmaids who don’t always keep their heads as still as our training dolls! 

Lockdown feels so much longer this time doesn’t it? And now, with some new dates in sight, those of us in the wedding industry are having to get geared up for what will be an exceptionally busy time after June 21st when we’re told weddings can take place without restrictions. Yes, I’m so glad the end is in sight, but I know there are so many of us suppliers who have worries and anxieties about our return to work, even though we are passionate about what we do.

Just a few days after Boris’s announcement and I can already see a trajectory of my own in the industry. I really think we’re in for a wedding boom. Gone are just the weekend wedding bookings, brides who have had to cancel three or four times are now grabbing any day they can. Which means we need to get ready to rumble; clear out our kit bags, brush up on new skills and styling techniques, get our admin in order and focus on what’s ahead (excuse the pun).

So, how can we go from doing next to nothing for a year, to be up and buzzing for our first brides when the newly-extended wedding season kicks off? We need to get our own heads back in the game and take some time to brush up our skills, evaluate our business, plan marketing strategies, get or stay visible and make sure we are in the right place to grab as many bookings as we need. 

We also need to quickly regain our confidence – this has been the biggest concern from all my industry colleagues and it’s no wonder. We literally had the rugs ripped from under our feet on March 23rd  last year and after so many months of not ‘doing what we do’ and being told our careers weren’t ‘viable’ or for many, being excluded from financial support, we have to rebuild our businesses and rise up like the true professionals we are because any bride will tell you, after her dress, her hair and makeup is the next most important thing to her on her wedding day.

If you’re worried, panicking, overwhelmed, exhausted or have just lost your way a little bit, I can help. I’m often asked from past students if I can spend time with them to map out their roadmap back to working successfully in the wedding industry, and help with any of the other issues that we come up against running our won bridal business. With over thirty years experience in the wedding business, I’m launching my own Bridal Business Power Hours. These are 1-to-1 sessions via zoom where you can offload, pick my brains, discuss anything you need help with whether that’s styling techniques, bridal party management, business admin, contracts, pictures of your work, gaining confidence; whatever is bothering you, we can put together a plan to get you back on track.

I have limited availability for the power hours and if you would like to secure a power hour with me, click on this link and it’ll take you straight to my online booking system. You can pick a time that works for you and pay online.