Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve received our pricelist and FAQs and asked to book us for your wedding, we will send you a booking form which is also a quotation.  Your date is NOT secure and transferred to our diary until booking fee is received.  We’re unable to hold dates unfortunately due to high demand.

We don’t advise bringing more than one bridesmaid and/or Mother/relative with you. It’s really important for us to focus on your wishes and make sure we create a look that is perfect for your wedding day.   Please don’t bring young children with you for trial sessions – we use a lot of heated equipment and our trial room is not big enough to accommodate little people! In addition, your trial session should be carried out in a calm atmosphere where you can totally relax and enjoy the experience of selecting your very special bridal styling.

We normally advise around 8-10 weeks before your wedding.  Trial sessions are usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays or we can sometimes arrange other weekdays if necessary.  Weekend appointments for trials are rarely available as we are already working on weddings.  For those brides who live out of the area we will try to accommodate your timings to work in line with your venue visits etc.  We don’t do trials until you have your dress (we love to see pictures of it!) as it helps us create your style of hair and makeup.  If you have hair accessories, great – but if not, don’t worry we have lots of veils, combs, flowers and sparkly things here we can use for effect.

We will work with you to achieve a hair look which is suitable for your hair type/length/thickness and texture and we can use added hair and padding if necessary. We’ll also consider the style of your dress, proportions and faceshape.  Makeup will be designed and applied to suit your skin type, colouring and of course, your preferences. We work to very high standards and use high quality products that we believe are the best for the job.  Your own Hair & Make Up pinterest board is a great idea and will give us an idea of the type of looks you like.

It is advisable that you familiarise yourself with our work portfolio and reviews before booking us, to ensure you are confident that our experience, capabilities and artistic style is appropriate and in line with your own ideas.

We make absolutely sure all our brides and their parties are 100% happy with the results of a trial before we finish. However, in the unlikely event that you, or any of your bridal party, decide after your trial that you are not happy, you are asked to contact us within 48 hours so that we can discuss with you further and resolve any issues.

We prefer not to sell products and we are not affiliated with any brand. WE advise that you purchase your own lip colour/gloss for touch ups throughout your wedding day (the only thing that will need touch ups) and we are happy to provide details of what we’ve used, or we can order on your behalf.

We are unable to take a wedding booking for a bride who doesn’t want a trial session. This is an imperative part of our working procedure and allows client and stylists to meet, bond, discuss ideas and expectations and establish what is realistic and what is not.  It also allows us to make sure timings for the wedding day are accurate and the bride is confident with our service and the look she wants to achieve.  If you decide to change your wedding look after your first trial,  a second trial should be booked and the same charges as your first trial will apply. 

We like to try and keep your costs down and so trials are not necessary for every member of your bridal party.  However, we do discuss with you at length what sort of looks you’d like for your bridesmaids and advise where needed.  Without a trial we cannot accept responsibility if a desired style or look does not meet realistic expectations on the wedding day.

Please ensure your hair is washed thoroughly, the night before your trial session and wedding day – plus your bridesmaids.  This is crucial as freshly washed hair is almost always too soft and shiny to work with on the day… and time goes very, very quickly on the morning, so there is no time for drying hair unless it’s a pre-arranged blowdry.   With long hair, please pay particular attention to underneath the hair using two shampoo applications to thoroughly cleanse the scalp. This is really important as any greasy patches or oily hair will significantly affect our dry styling methods and your hairstyle could be compromised.

Please ensure you are wearing no make-up or false lashes (unless extensions) and make us aware of any allergies or skin sensitivities you may have before we start.

All payments are the responsibility of the bride, or named person on the booking form. Therefore, if your bridal party are paying for themselves individually, please arrange for them to have pre-paid you beforehand. We require any payment on the day in one envelope which we will collect prior to starting work. Please make sure you are familiar with our charges policy for reducing numbers in your wedding party. We accept your booking based on the numbers in the bridal party you give us at the time of enquiry.

We agree! It is your special look and we don’t want anything to spoil that. You’ll be able to remove makeup and we will take down hair styling for you before you leave. We do not show images from trials until after the wedding day and you will not be tagged in any such image on social networking sites but are welcome to tag yourself.

With so many avenues of communication available to us all, it has become necessary to clarify the best methods of contact to ensure no messages are missed or replies delayed.

For initial contact and enquiries: please use or private messaging on the Tracy Pallari Hair & MakeUp Facebook page – please do not private message me on my personal Facebook account – I may miss your message!

For continuing correspondence, queries, advice or sending of images please use email or whatsapp (07824 886882) which is free to send images.

For anything urgent – please phone 07824 886882.